CLAS Ropes Course - Provo

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Zip Tour - NOW OPEN!

    Grasp on to the adventurous spirit within, as you and your family and friends fly through the air, while taking part in an incredible series of zip-lines. Experience six exciting zip-lines through the trees along and across the Provo River in an adventure you are not soon to forget. You are sure to enjoy the beauty along the Lower Provo River which boasts breathtaking vistas as you venture from one zip-line to the next.  Participate in a bean-bag target toss as you go from platform to platform! 


  • 1-4 People                                   $38 per person 
  • 5-9 People                                   $25 per person
  •  10-14 People                               $20 per person
  • 15 or more                                    $18 per person  Restrictions
Age restriction - 8 yrs old and up 
Weight restriction - no more than 270 lbs can participate in the zip tour.

Zip tour has obstacles that are moderately challenging

Zip-Line adventures will begin every two hours during operation hours as follows.  

Monday – Friday      4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday     10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 

Want to come earlier or at a different time?

Special reservations and accommodating times are available! 

Call to reserve - (801) 373-8897


Picnic on a zip-line 30 feet above the ground!  You won't find a picnic experience quite like this!  

Your progressive picnic in the trees will start with a beverage, then you will travel to the next station of fresh vegetables. Hang on we are then zipping along to the next treat of chips, then seasonal fruit.  What is a picnic without sandwiches!  Sandwiches  are next followed by an all time favorite, cookies.  Yum!  

What are you waiting for?  Space is limited so

                         1. Make your reservation,

                         2. Grab a date and

                         3. Let's go on a picnic!  In the trees that is!

$69 per person* -  starts at 6:30pm, approximately 2 hours of fun and food.

May 6

June 2, 3 and 30

July 1, 28 and 29

August 25, and 26

*SPECIAL OFFER -  1/2 price, $34.50 per person, if you have 6-10 people and start at 6:00pm on any of the dates above.