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BSA Merit Badge Clinic       BSA 3-Day Adventure

BSA Merit Badge Clinic
Want to get outside of your regular meeting house? Can't find a Merit Badge Councilor? CLAS Ropes Course has you covered. Contact us to schedule your Merit Badge Clinic today!
CLAS Ropes offers the following merit badge clinics:

          Climbing MB Workbook.pdf
          Climbing MB Requirements.pdf

          Canoeing MB Workbook.pdf
          Canoeing MB Requirements.pdf

Each Merit Badge takes 5 hours.  You can complete the class in 1 day, or divide it over 2 days. 

*Some requirements must be completed at home prior to attending the CLAS Ropes Merit Badge Clinic for completion.

Price: $19 per participant
(minimum of 8 participants per class)
or $152 for a group of 7 or less.

Contact us to schedule your
Merit Badge Clinic today!

BSA 3 Day Adventure Package

Great for Varsity Scouts and Venturing!  Utah National Parks Council partnered with CLAS Ropes Course to offer this close to home adventure. Contact us to schedule your adventure today!

Our Adventure Package includes 3 Days packed with high adventure.

Day 1 - Ropes Course
Day 2 - Canoeing and Biking
Day 3 - Rappelling and more Ropes Course and or Service Project

You can choose Monday through Wednesday, or Thursday through Saturday May 30-August 31.

CLAS Ropes provides :
  • Ropes course with great facilitators
  • Adventure Equipment - canoes, lifejackets, paddles, ropes,
  • Canoe trailer and bike trailer for your use
  • Campground with firewood, picnic table, portable latrines,

You Provide:

  • Food/Water (containers can be filled at Ropes Course)
  • Transportation
  • Bicycles/Helmets
  • Evening activities
  • Camp equipment (for camping at the CLAS Ropes Camp Ground just down the street)

Programing is flexible.  Please contact us to discuss options.


$95 per participant (minimum of 8 participants)

$10 discount if you schedule your adventure before the end of April
$10 discount if you come Monday through Wednesday.

Click here for the BSA 3 Day Adventure Information Packet

Contact us to schedule your adventure today!