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Ropes Course Experience 


Our facilitators will adapt to your needs and desires to give you and your group a full ropes course experience including initiative games, low ropes, and high ropes course activities. Contact us today to schedule your Ropes Course Experience at our facility.

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CLAS Ropes

Initiative Games

Get to know your group a little better through incredibly fun ground level activities that challenge every ability level. Contact us today to schedule your Ropes Course Experience at our facility.

  • Work together as a team to solve any number of puzzles ranging from escaping handcuffs to blindfolded tag to disposing of hazardous acid. 
  • These games will exercise your mind as well as your body, while building relationships between team members and strengthening communication skills.  

Low Ropes Activities Preview 

Afraid of heights? No worries, these challenging group activities will keep you busy while staying less than 2 feet off the ground. you and your group can tackle the cable and board courses, the balancing challenges, spider web, and more! Contact us today to schedule your Ropes Course Experience at our facility.

Mohawk Walk

How hard could it be to balance on a cable without touching the ground? Harder than you think, especially when you have 10 teammates to help across! 
With a little creativity and teamwork, you will master these challenges. But it may take a few failures before you get it down!  

Balancing Log

A  giant log connected to a cable makes for a perfect game of balance. 

You and your group will see how hard it can be to balance and distribute weight as a team! 

Artesian Beams

Well, the bad news is you and your group have to cross from stump to stump without touching the ground. The good news is you have a few boards to help you out.

You and your group will scratch your heads a few times trying to figure out this challenge!

Atomic Core

A tire and a pole. Looks simple, until you are trying to get the tire over the pole only using one hand!
Work with your group to solve this tricky tire challenge.

Spider Web

Well, the rope spider web isn't sticky or dangerous, but trying to pass your entire group through it without touching the web will be a challenge of its own. 

These are just a few of the options available!

High Ropes Activities Preview 

Ready to beat some tough challenges high in the air? With a professional facilitator and your group, you will safely traverse the zip line, rock climbing course, giant swing, and other high courses. Contact us today to schedule your Ropes Course Experience at our facility.

The Zip Line

Well, you can't fly, but you can sure come close to it! On the zip line you will glide through the air and come safely to the ground 400 ft. away!

Conquer your fears and try out this fun activity! 

Climbing Wall

It's no Mt. Everest, but this 40 ft. rock climbing wall will challenge you. 

Strapped in safely and tethered to a rope, you will be able to conquer your own fears and doubts!

Giant Swing

Remember on the playground when you tried to see how high you could get? Well now you get to relive your childhood wonder years with the help of your team: your group is pulling the rope that raises you to over 30 ft. in the air!

Trust your team and get ready to swing safely through the air on this great swing.  

Yes there is more! 

We have only just begun exploring the adventures of the high course activities!

Prices: Pricing varies according to number of people and duration of experience.

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