CLAS Ropes Course - Provo

Teamwork, Trust, Self-Confidence, Communication, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Leadership, Goal-Setting, Self-Worth


Join the CLAS Team 


We are looking for several interns to work at CLAS Ropes Course during Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. An internship with CLAS is a fun way to get valuable work experience.

 Some intern responsibilities include:

~Facilitating Various Groups- You can have the opportunity to work with families, therapy groups, birthday parties, sports teams, dating groups, scout troops, and youth groups among others. You can provide exciting and fun activities that help bond families together and provide leadership training.

~Assisting with Office Duties-Some of these duties include assisting with scheduling, helping with payroll, and completing general office work.

~Working with Families Up-Families Up is a nonprofit organization which seeks to help various families throughout the state. This internship includes grant writing experience.

~Working with the Cruises- Our Halloween cruise on the Provo River is a popular yearly tradition for many families and other groups. With pirates attacking the boat, candy, scary songs and things jumping out of the water, it’s sure to be an exciting activity for everyone. The Christmas Cruise is great with festive music, holiday scenes, Santa Claus and over 50,000 Christmas lights that sparkle in the water and brighten your spirits. (Only Available Fall Semester)

~Help Organize and Carry Out Various Programs- Some of these programs include Couple’s Retreat, youth camps and CLAS Kid’s Club.

~Assist with Maintenance-You can have the opportunity to help maintain the ropes course, the ropes, and other climbing equipment.

Each intern will be expected to complete a facilitator training course which is $195. At the completion of your internship, the $195 training fee will be refunded. In addition to the experience of a lifetime, we pay 400 hr interns a stipend. 

If you or someone you know would be interested in completing an internship with CLAS Ropes Course, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule an interview. Thanks!

Employment Opportunities

It's like being an intern, but more permanent.

So you've been through a Ropes Course Experience and now you want to take charge of your own group! We could use your help right here on site. Soon you will be helping people of all ages have the experience of their lives. See individuals and groups grow and develop while you get to learn from them all as their ropes course facilitator here at CLAS Ropes.

Experience is always welcome but not a requirement because we will give you the training you need. We will teach you about group dynamics, processing skills, advanced rescue procedures, inspection standards and more. Not to mention several activities you can do with your participants!

So how do I apply? It's easy:
If you or someone you know would be interested in employment with CLAS Ropes Course, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule an interview. Don't forget to bring your resume. Thanks!