CLAS Ropes Course - Provo

Teamwork, Trust, Self-Confidence, Communication, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Leadership, Goal-Setting, Self-Worth


 Inspections, Construction and Course Design

We are a full service challenge course vendor. We can provide you with all of your challenge course needs - inspection, construction, maintenance, training, equipment, etc.


Our ACCT certified professional inspectors will help you to keep your challenge course in top condition which will result in a safer environment for your staff and participants. 

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards state: “A professional inspection by a qualified person is required... At a minimum this inspection shall be done annually” (ACCT Standards: 8th Edition 14).

Scheduling an inspection

To schedule an inspection, get a price quote, or ask questions, please contact us directly.

How your inspection will work

  1. Your last inspection report will be reviewed.
  2. Inspection of all elements on your course; thorough visual and physical inspection. Notes are made of the condition of each element. Recommended repairs or changes will be noted.
  3. All challenge course related equipment will be given a thorough inspection and a review of equipment logs will be done. Notes are taken as to the condition of equipment and recommendations noted.

After the inspection

The course manager will be notified if there are any issues on the course that would prohibit the use of any of the elements or pieces of equipment for reasons of safety. After we have completed the physical inspection of the challenge course, a written inspection will be given.


Our courses are developed with the best materials to ensure a safe environment for every user. Our objective is to create a quality project, completed on time, within budget, and in a safe work environment. 

Whether you are looking to develop a new program, add onto an existing course, or if it is time to renovate, we can help. By meeting our objectives you can be reassured of a timely return on your investment. 

Upon completion of a project we provide the needed information for the upkeep of the new course. We can also provide proper training to ensure the course is operated safely.

Contact us today to schedule a detailed site evaluation and/or price quote.

There are thousands of different courses and an infinite number of ways to design and layout a challenge course, aerial adventure park or zip/canopy tour.

We can design and build your dream course.

 Consider the following when designing your course:

  • High Courses
  • Zip Lines
  • Low Courses
  • Indoor Courses
  • Tree Courses
  • Outdoor Climbing Walls
  • Indoor Climbing Walls
  • 3, 4, or 5 Sided Towers
Unsure which low course elements to add to your course? Check out some conceptual 3D images of some of the elements:

 Course Design

Our innovative design team has over 50 years of challenge course experience, ranging from operations to construction. 

Let us help you take the next step to create the program and course that will result in a better experience for your participants. 

Every course is unique, we customize every course we design to meet your needs and objectives. Our 3D course models can help you to be satisfied and reassured that your investment will be beneficial and meet your expectations.