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Utah River Trips

Enjoy a Whitewater Rafting Trip or Lazy River Float Trip on the Sevier River, just north of Marysvale, Utah. Trips Depart from Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort every two hours starting at 9 am, from about Mid May through Labor Day. Reservations recommended but not required

If you are staying at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort or simply looking for a river trip experience while visiting Marysvale Utah, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, or driving anywhere in the Central Utah Area, we invite you to stop in at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort and inquire at the Tour Counter.


This is the best Marysvale Utah White Water Rafting Trip! This journey on the Sevier River with Class II and III rapids will get you wet and wild. You will be an active participant in this adventure, paddling along with your guide’s instructions to navigate your way down this fun river. Your rafting trip on the Sevier River will include a Professional Guide certified by the State of Utah, and they work hard to make sure your adventure is safe, fun and informative.

This Utah Rafting Trip is great for Family Reunions, Youth Groups, Church Groups, or just a group of friends wanting to raft the Sevier River with the most entertaining guides in the area. Trips depart near Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort, just outside Marysvale, Utah, every two hours at 9 am-11 am-1 pm-3 pm and 5 pm.Reservations are recommended but NOT required.

This is the LONGEST Whitewater Rafting Marysvale Utah available!We are conveniently located on Historic Highway 89, just off Interstate 70, on the border between Sevier and Piute Counties. View the  Google Map to Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort.

     Whitewater Pricing

$39.00 for ages 11 and older    $32.00 for ages 10 and under 

Prices do not include Utah Sales Tax

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Lazy River Float Trips


This Utah River Trip is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a leisurely float down the Sevier River. There are no ‘rapids’ on this section of the river, just a nice current that will carry you approximately 3 miles from the drop off point in Marysvale, UT back to the take out point just before Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort.

Opportunity to stop and swim, or have lunch on the river, on this Lazy River Float Trip. You have 2 hours to complete this unguided trip. Take out is at the Whitewater Rafting Launch Area, just before Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. Best choice for Utah River Trips in the Marysvale area. Choose rafts (hold 4-14 people), or Tubes, $10 per person, and explore the river on your own.

Lazy River Float Trip Pricing

$10-Per Person, All Ages-Rafts or Tubes

Whitewater Rafts and Paddle-boards for float are available upon request and cost $10 extra

We now offer Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPS) for use on the Float Trips, for those who are a bit more adventurous. These SUPs are Liquid Logic Versa Boards and can be used as a traditional Kayak with the included fold up seat, or fold the seat down to use as a Stand Up Paddle Board. Add a Stand Up Paddle Board to use on the Sevier River on your Lazy River Float Trip for $10 per board.

Prices do not include Utah Sales Tax

Canopy Zip Tour

This activity is a series of 6 lines that go from platform to platform, back and forth through the trees, and across the Sevier River. Ziplines range in length from 85′-300′ and provide a fun and challenging activity for individuals and groups.

You start this activity by climbing a ladder to the first platform, and then zip from station to station until you get to the final station and then descend back down to ground level.

Fast and fun, this activity will give you bird’s eye views of the surrounding mountains, canyons and the Sevier River. Wave to the Rafters you’ll see passing by!

$39 per person

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Adventure Park

This Utah Adventure Park includes obstacles, challenges, and elements that will challenge participants to work as a team, while also encouraging individual confidence. Participants will challenge themselves and others as they take on each element.

Activities include swinging from tire to tire, climbing a swinging ladder, scaling a wood wall, trust walk wire challenge, log walk, balance beams, and more.

Two of the newest challenges include a Tightrope River Crossing, and a Suspension Bridge River Crossing, back and forth over the Sevier River.

The newly designed course is now more like a Ninja or Spartan Challenge!

$39 per person

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First, cross a Suspension Bridge to Adventure Mountain, being careful to keep your feet on the wooden planks and your weight evenly balanced. Next, traverse your way around and up the mountain, using a series of hand and footholds in the mountain (you’ll be wearing a harness attached to a safety cable of course!), until you reach the top. Once at the top, hold on for your 400′ zipline to the bottom! This activity is based on the Via Ferrata model, an Italian word that means ‘road with irons’.

$39 per person

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We specialize in Youth and Church Groups at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. We offer Tent Camping, Bunkhouses, and enough activities and nearby recreational areas to keep your group busy for the duration of the event. We are centrally located on the border between Piute and Sevier Counties, on Historic Heritage Highway 89. Planning a Group Event can be frustrating, and we are here to help make it simple, easy and enjoyable. 

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