CLAS Ropes Course - Provo

Teamwork, Trust, Self-Confidence, Communication, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Leadership, Goal-Setting, Self-Worth

Mission Statement
Why we do the things we do.

            Our mission is to improve personal effectiveness and group dynamics through comprehensive experiential challenges.
            Our vision is to strengthen individuals and groups by offering adventure activities with the highest safety standards.

            People learn more through experience than through any other method of learning.  Challenge course participants learn techniques in problem solving, leadership, human relationships, communication skill, conflict resolution, group cooperation, building self-confidence and esteem, trust, self-direction, motivation, and values.  Analogies can be made to life topics, helping to increase understanding and strengthen character.
            Our aim is to allow the participants to view themselves as increasingly capable and competent. By attempting a graduated series of activities which involve physical or emotional risk, and succeeding (or sometimes failing) in a supportive group atmosphere, an individual may gain confidence in themselves and others.
            Each course is based on the assumption that anyone who conscientiously tries will be successful. Success is making an effort. A cooperative, supportive atmosphere tends to encourage participation The use of teams, points, and timed competition has consciously been minimized to allow participants to succeed without fear of failure.


Meet the Staff

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Benjamin Allen 
Owner Manager
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with a Master's degree in Recreation Management

Elise Smith
Trainer / Lead Facilitator
Bachelors Degree in Recreation Leadership

Delanie Webb-Eversole
Office Manager / Facilitator
Bachelors Degree in Recreation Management
"See you at the top!"

Brycen Hale 
Lead Builder/Lead Facilitator 
Bachelors Degree Construction Management

History & Credentials
It all started with Benjamin Allen and his family. Please get to know the owner of CLAS Ropes Course.

Benjamin Allen, M.A., TRS


CLAS Ropes Course was built by Benjamin Allen. He is a licensed Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with a Master's degree in Recreation Management from Brigham Young University (BYU). CLAS Ropes was constructed in 1993 and is just one of many ropes courses built by Benjamin throughout the country. It has hosted more than 200,000 guests in various business, therapeutic and recreational settings.

Certification and Training

Benjamin Allen, M.A., TRS, has been trained, certified or educated by Project Adventure, Boy Scouts of America, ACCT, Leahy Associates, etc. His credentials are extensive and include the following: a BSA COPE course instructor, trainer, inspector, and builder (1986, 1998, 2004, 2009, 2014); certification and training by Project Adventure (1991, 2000) - two programs with some of the finest training and strictest standards in the industry; member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology; attendee of numerous conferences and workshops pertaining to ropes courses; annual course inspector of various ropes facilities; and trainer of hundreds who have become ropes course facilitators.

Work Experience in Course Building

Benjamin worked his first years out of college at Island Park Scout Camp, building the COPE Course his last year there in 1985. The following year, Brigham Young University discovered Ben's expertise in building ropes courses and asked him to build one for them at the Aspen Grove Family Camp near Sundance Ski Resort up Provo Canyon. 

Over a period of 33 years, CLAS has constructed well over 60 courses, at facilities that range from troubled youth homes to schools and 4-H Clubs. Some of those built include courses located at Heritage School, Provo Canyon School, Utah State Prison, Beaver High Adventure Base, Snow College, Valley Mental Health, and S.T.E.P.S.

In 1993, Ben quit his job, bought 3.5 acres of land on West Center Street near Utah Lake and built Utah's largest and most extensive ropes course facility. He and his wife, Melanie, built it to provide youth and families with the multiple benefits that come from these types of 'hands on' experiential learning activities.

Ben emphasizes that what he does at CLAS Ropes 'changes lives for the better.' It is not atypical for those who visit CLAS Ropes to leave with a transformational feeling. In the words of one female visitor of the Course, "I learned more about my life and its strengths and weaknesses during one eight-hour day at this facility than I have learned in the last eight years put together!"

CLAS Ropes has worked with myriads of group settings throughout its operation, ranging from family, business and therapy groups to youth, church and dating groups.